Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Improving Readability of Your Website

I am one of many computer users who finds it very difficult to read texts on the computer. I often find that I print each article offline to be able to ever focus on the content of the words, and not on this jittery feeling my eyes get when reading information on the screen.

That said, I'm on a search to find a better solution than using a ream of paper for each course I take in graduate school. This article, "Eight Things You Can Do Now to Improve Online Readability" by Sara Dickenson Quinn for web site authors to use to improve the readability of their site. Maybe this can help CALL students to improve their odds of reading online.

In the spirit of learning...

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  1. Good article, Sarah. Your choice of font here is rather different -- see what the article says. I also like #4 especially since I always click on underlined things and get annoyed when they aren't links. Underlining has been reserved for hyperlinks for the last 10 years now.
    Suggestion, Sarah--proofreading for spelling errors (evern, fo.., thier)